This is on the pool side.  The diamond mesh was added so that a kid can't reach through the fence and get to the doorknob. 

The job was a patio cover.  I was filling in for another inspector and the contractor wanted a final inspection.  

The pool was built six years prior.  The barrier doesn't come close to compliance so quite naturally I wrote a correction.  I caught a lot of grief over that.  

The barrier was approved six years ago, another inspector has seen it several times without any comment....so I am out of line for writing a correction.  Beyond that, I was not able to convince the office manager that the barrier is deficient.  Sometimes I wonder if I was stranded on this planet.

I wrote a correction about the fence being too easy to climb.  Diamond mesh lath was fastened to the outside.  I had to say no to that so a rental chainlink fence was put up.

This is an apartment complex swimming pool.  The Health Dept. is responsible and approved the fence as a pedestrian barrier.

The pool is twenty years old.  There was no mention of this gate as part of the pedestrian barrier.

This is the street side and right there is a doorknob so the kid doesn't have to reach through the fence to open the gate.

The job was an el. service upgrade.  An inspector had written a correction to place a CPR poster because of the swimming pool in the back yard.