Yes a contractor did that. 

The HVAC was replaced and the secondary condensate was arranged to drain to the floor.  60 times at a condo complex.  The kicker is the two pipes that leave the closet through the wall.  One of them is for a secondary drain that terminates in a carport ceiling.  

Never terminate the drain on a roof.

It appears to be a condensate drain. The house is a single story and the coil is in a closet with a condensate pump.

There are three condensate drains that empty into one pump.  One is from the furnace and then there's the primary and secondary drains from the coil.  The pipe with the float switch comes from an emergency drain pan.

Condensate drain pipe is supposed to slope 1/8" per foot.  That's not much and there is no scouring action with such a low flow as condensation from a coil or furnace.  The pipe, even if dead flat will drainMany times the pipe isn't visible unless you crawl way into the attic.  The pipe, even if dead flat, will drain in most cases.  Here there is a dip that will be a problem.

When in fact, it was plumbed correctly at one point in time.

The secondary drain terminates at a return air register in a hallway ceiling.  So if they find the floor wet they will not have a clue as to what's wrong.

This is typical of the work done by a general contractor. The pipe on the left is a primary condensate. I have written a correction about the pipe running uphill....twice. Today the contractor was there for inspection. He told me that I must be new at this because water drains from the pipe when the A/C is operating. I assured him that I have been an inspector all day long.

The lady seemed forthright. She told me that a big box store contractor went in the attic to prepare a bid to replace her furnace. He told her that she needed to replace the A/C equipment as well as the furnace. She declined because the A/C has been used only a few times in all the years that she's had it. She wondered if it was ok after hearing his diagnosis so she tried it out. She got a huge water bubble on the ceiling.....but it did blow cold air.

Now another contractor has replaced the furnace and left the condensates cut off. I explained what's up but she is out of money.