These fans were presented as exhaust fans for a hydrogen collection system.  There are two in case one fails.  If either of them ever encountered hydrogen there would certainly be a failure.

The crease in the conduit is not that obvious....the wire rope is what tripped them up....that and the flashing.

It used to be that any adult, and most kids, that saw this would be all over it. Nowadays you'll be told to mind your own business.

The fire happened in 2015.  An inspector yellow tagged the dwelling.  Now (2017) I was asked to visit the site for an update of our records.  The yellow tag is still there.  It is faded and not legible.  The service drop is energized.  Was Edison  notified in 2015?

A garbage truck caught the service drop and the riser was seriously bent.

Here we are at the main.  None of the breakers in any of the cabinets is labeled.

Roofers spend too much time in the sun.

The roof pitch is 7/8" so the last roof was a hot mop. That roofer didn't prop the drop before throwing hot tar. It's hard to know what that did to the insulation.  And shingles will not go on this roof.

The conductor with no insulation lands on a 50 amp breaker.

The service drop normally lays on the roof.  The roofer raised it in order to get some shingles in there.

Here is that neighbor's backyard.

The job is a service upgrade and a complete rewire.  The homeowner obtained the permit and hired some person that impersonates an electrician.  Request for the service inspection was a bit premature.

Roofers get to worry about falling of the roof and getting electrocuted.  Sometimes it's both.

Expect the unexpected.  That's right, the bare ground wire is energized.

This is a service drop that was rubbing the corner of a patio cover roof. It it energized.

And look at this.  Where do these people get the nerve to do electrical work.  I forgot to mention that I had to climb a tree to get on the roof.

The service is 200amp.  the GEC is a bare #10.  It hits the rod and then goes through the siding to ....well I'm not sure to where.

It is in a residential attic. I came across it while inspecting the furnace. All of the wire is energized.  I have no idea what it is.  I wrote a correction to hire a licensed electrician to make it safe.  That did happen.  

Apparently the service panel is on the other side of the house.  Edison got a twofer that day. 

A drill can be a gateway tool that leads to real danger.

I wrote a correction to hire a California Certified Journeyman.

The job was an el. service upgrade.  The new service riser is on the left and the old is on the right.  The Edison drop is connected to the old service entrance conductors.  The old riser is energized.  The drop isn't secured to the building and a gust of wind could put the mess on the the neighbor's backyard.  I had to wait for Edison to roll up the drop.

The GEC leaves the cabinet wedged against a split bolt.

An addition resulted in the a new panel with the ARC fault breakers.  The breakers are energized.  Tripping the breakers does not shut off anything in the dwelling. The meter main service is on the other side if the building.

The motor does not have an external bonding lug as has been the norm forever.  The code had recently changed and a double insulated motor no longer requires the solid #8 to a water pipe.   That much I knew.    The installation instructions stated that no jumper is required because the motor is double insulated.  The mother is not double insulated.  The contractor would not concede that there is a mistake.  I called the manufacturer and was told that there is no requirement for a jumper with this model tub because there is a double insulated motor.  They insisted that I was wrong and that was their top engineer. 
The placement of the receptacle is a good example why the code changed and now requires a GFCI to be readily accessible.

When you find stuff like this you have to deal with it

I hope that someone told you about these.  Get one and understand what it is good for.  Know its limitations.  Mine is missing a button and the Southwire brand is the most sensitive of the three that I have tried.  I don't touch anything metal until I touch it with this.  Roof top units will give a false positive,