This death trap was planned in advance.  It is on the approved plans.

The job was raising the roof from nearly flat to a pitched roof.

This one was a commercial laundry.

The tabs are where the old cap was secured.

How would you like to come home and find your wife dead in the back yard.

This contractor was equally upset.

This id the vent cap that used to sit on the top of the flue.

The only thing securing the vent to the flue is tape.

She wasn't pleased to learn that the caps she has placed are not OSHA approved.

The flue was extended.

In both cases an inspector approved the work and didn't demand that impalement caps be installed.  When I encounter this I refuse to get near the work....that pretty much fails the inspection.

The bottom segment is a smaller diameter than the top segment.  The contractor told me that is because the material is leftover from other jobs and he wants to use it up on this job.

This might explain the persistent nose bleeding.

I was there for a pre-gunite inspection  on new pool.