The armored GEC wraps around the house but the amor stops three feet short of the goal line.  It must be bonded and I am not aware of a listed splice.

The plumber has a good grasp on the concept of dissimilar metal corrosion.   This brings up topic that I find with repipes or new mains.  What became of the grounding?  Please show me the grounding.  

I wouldn't have so many pictures of this if it didn't happen often.

Solar contractor did a service upgrade. Got a short list of corrections. Called my office manager and complained that I am "mean to them...but don't tell him that we called because he is vindictive"

This happened because of a correction notice that said: "Provide a second ground rod a minimum 6' from the first rod".  I know that because I wrote the correction.  I learned to write "6' FEET".  Well not right away.  Apparently it is an easy mistake to make.

I know this sounds suspicious but when I asked where the grounding electrode is, I was taken to this.  I'm not making this up....honest Injun it happened just like that.

Tried to fool me with this one.  Didn't happen.

That raceway...that electrode....I'm sorry but you will have to remove every bit of that.

At first glance it looks good. Well except for the lack of protection from physical damage.

There should always be 7  not 4  but 7