When I mention that there is no shoring they pointed to this culvert pipe.  Exactly how they were using its escaped me.  It was a father and son operation.  The father said that he would not allow the son in the hole because it scared him.  It  must have been just  as unsettling to watch his father get in the hole.

The smart ones tell me about the dogs.  

It was still wet.

Inside out and tied off.

The hole is 11 feet deep.  Teeth marks from an excavator are visible in the top five feet and after that it is shovel marks.


And don't you know, they used every bit of it.

The mechanical contractor called me at 8:15 am and asked me what time I was going to arrive for his inspection. I told him that it would happen between 9 and noon. He asked me to delay as long as I could so that he can round up a ladder.
I got there around 2:00pm. Obviously I was too early. 

According to the lady, that is the only place where the roof is low enough to access with this ladder.  "Her husband does it with no problem"