!/30/17  It happened twice today.  It happens hundreds of times in California every day.  Probably many hundreds more nationwide.  Sooner or later it will catch up with us and somebody will be killed.  I hope that it's not a child that gets it.

I should have never seen the inside of the panels at any inspection.  There is no reason for me to be there.  What about the corrections you see in the pictures?   

The other side.  The inside is done.  Two new bathrooms, a new kitchen and a complete rewire....and this is the first inspection that I am aware of.  Thankfully, it is not in my area.

11-4-16  It happened today.  As I walked past the patio doors I heard the children laughing.  The so-called electrician was cleaning his truck out front with this open, energized service in the back yard.  I refused to perform an inspection. 

A few day ago I inspected a service upgrade that was done by a large electrical contractor.  The corrections included derating conductors due to conduit 1.5" above a roof.  I got a call from a company manager and during the course of our conversation I asked him how they handle inspections.  Right away he mentioned that he is aware of my concern and his crew did not open the panel until I arrived.  So I asked him for an honest answer to how they do it elsewhere.  He said that they remove the deadfront cover and request an inspection for the next day.  The day after the inspection they go back and reinstall the deadfront cover. So the danger persists for three days. 

This is a huge company that advertises on TV during the Newshour every night.  And they do this asinine, dangerous, moronic thing.  .

The mindset that would sleep well at night and do this too is something I can't fathom.  

It's akin to the Twilight Zone.   

Wide open with no contractor on site.  The owner and her children were home.  I have no idea why there is a hammer in the panel.  So I removed the hammer, closed everything up and boogied. I'm convinced that the Devil is backing solar.

The people engaged in the solar industry are not tradespeople.  They come from all walks of life and the common thread is that they were looking for a job.  They are certainly not aware of the dangers involved. One of their bad habits is leaving energized parts exposed and unattended.  I have encountered this countless times.  The same companies repeatedly.  Asking them to stop doing that has not worked.  They always appologise and say that they didn't realize that I was the inspector.

Days earlier I warned the contractor about the danger.  This time there was a little girl playing with her chicken.  The workman was in his vehicle.  He told me that when he left the back yard there was nobody there so he thought it was completely safe.


This is how I found it.  Wide open and the worker was out front asleep in his van.  I counseled him on the danger of electricity.

I was told that from now on he will make sure that it is secure when I am the inspector. I can't explain the lack of respect that permeates the solar industry. There is no financial advantage to this practice and the downside could be enormous.

On a positive note, I had a solar inspection today where the technician that met me did not have anything open. As he used his screw gun to remove covers.  I said that I wanted to applaud him for being safe. What I didn't know was that I had chewed him out in the past for being dangerous. He told me that his company decided that I was right and they now will not open until the inspector arrives. He said that an inspector in the city of G,,,,.... failed them because the covers were not removed before he arrived. They called the city BO. The city agreed with the company.

The fact that I complimented the tech for being safe should be an indication of how rare that is.       

This is progress.  Open the link and you will see a response to the problem.  It is a strong condemnation of the idiocy of leaving certain death laying around.  However, the rest of the crew will probably never go along with this policy.  

One day a civilian will be found dead next to an open panel and the same crew that fights this policy will need proof that the cause of death was electrocution.  


This job is a remodel ....pretty much everything....they called for rough everything today.  That mess is energized and the buss is live.  It has been that way for too long.  The yard is open to the street.  

The scope of the disregard for electrical safety grows with the passage of time.  I find open live parts where one would least expect.  These panels were in a storage room of a dwelling.  The job is a grand entry and extending the storage room ten feet for laundry equipment.  A family lives there in 4500 soft.  This was my first and only visit as they requested a final inspection.  It was the day before Thanksgiving and the hostess was preparing for a hoedown.  These panels have been open .....in the damned laundry room, for months.  The panels are existing.