Waste not want not....that's weep screed supporting the J-box.

If you have to use your shoe to get it all in there it might be too full.  Wrong wire nuts. 

This was bootlegged so long ago that the insulation is failing.

Beware of these.  Some are listed for stranded wire only while others are listed for solid or stranded.

Heck of a place for a junction box.

If the hole is round, only one wire is allowed.  If the hole is oval, two wires are allowed.  The two wires shall be identical in size and type (stranded or solid).

That too.

That bathroom fan is older than you are.  The question was "Do I have to replace it?"

This is a bit aggravating.  It is behind a shroud that must be removed and I doubt that many inspectors ever see these.

If the paint is not removed under a clamp it's just a waste of time and material.

Did I hit a nerve?

This caught me by surprise.

When I see something like this, it calls into question absolutely everything that they have done or will do.

They said that the plan is to move the service to the back wall as soon as it is erected. That makes sense. The problem I have with that plan is experience. I have allowed such a plan several times in the past and found that the addition was framed up with the drop stuck through the roof sheathing. There have been other jacked up messes when they did move the service. I can't openly condone moving the service anyway. If I said okay and somebody got hurt, I would be on the hook. Not to mention that it would bother me a great deal.  

So here's my dilemma.  I have always required a temporary power pole for these situations.  That is never received well.  There is a delay in progress and it is expensive.  I don't like it but what is the alternative. Well then, recently I was told that our policy is to never issue a TPP permit for an addition.  I found this out because I wrote a correction asking for a TPP.  

The policy is too only issue a TPP permit if a new building is being built on a bare blot or there was a fire that destroyed the electrical service.  The reason to deny the TPP permit for an addition is that if a contractor abandons an addition project we may have a dwelling being served from a TPP and not have a way to stop that.

I can't make them move it and I can't make them install a temporary power pole.  


Starting with my days working for Rochelle Electric, nicking a wire is not acceptable.

Not a good first impression.

This is everywhere.  It is especially bad with old brittle NM.

This is never a surprise.

I shouldn't even see the wire.

That fatality would have made the evening news.

The owner says it was like that when he bought the house a year ago.

There is a service upgrade on a new addition.  It has been inspected, approved and released to Edison.  

Did you hire a lousy electrician?  A guy that couldn't wire a table lamp?  What's the worst that can happen?  Nothing works...that's what.  Well not you....you hired a guy with experience.  That's the crew to watch out for.  That experience has them busy and it is some small thing that ruins the story.  Something like a pinched cable, a nail in a wire, a hot spot.  The next batch of pictures is a bunch of the small workmanship flaws that burn down the house.

​If nothing works ...it's a harsh world out there.  Suck it up and hire a real electrician.  If you see any of the stuff in these pictures just know that it's up to you to get it right and beware of the little, missed, single flaw that torches the house.

A service upgrade was approved eleven years ago.  Edison did not hook it up. 

​Three out of four and some person left it there for the inspector

The argument against moving it was that the entire house would have to be rewired.  So rewire the house.

The conduit rotted away so this was the fix.  It is a feeder circuit for pool equipment.

I was curious about the discoloration of the copper.  I was told that it got hot when the wire was cut with a skilsaw. I suspect that the insulation smoked and melted.

It looks like a trip to a body&fender shop would do it some good.

There's no denying that they are trying.

Don't be bashful about pulling back the cover.