The job is furnace and A/C replacement. This is the view from the attic access.

Can't see much from here and can't go anywhere from here to get a better view.
So I stuck the camera in as far as I could reach. It looks like they beat the furnace up some getting it in here. Had to cut a few truss webs too.

Now these....well these are so heavy I don't know how heavy they are, that's how heavy they are.  Either that or they aren't allowed to use power tools.

The fan is not mounted in the ceiling framing so it will be quieter.  It's not mentioned on any permit.  There is little roof venting so the attic will be pressurized.   

That requirement has been dropped from installation instructions.  It couldn't cost $5.00.  Contractors actually take the time and effort to complain.  I am overridden and told to never do that again.

At the first inspection I wrote a correction stating that the return air shall come from an area 25% of the conditioned floor area or greater.  It stated that a hallway that is blocked by doors is not allowed.  So now the door is off the hinges.  They didn't take it outside because it is raining and they don't want the door to get all wet.  That eyeball belongs to the contractor.

The installation instructions for condensers used to require a rain diverter on the roof over the condenser.  Granules and crude that lands on the roof washes off the roof into the condenser.  After it builds up it has the ability to delay drying out.  So the bottom of the condenser can rot.   The correction always said "diverter".  That could be a gutter or a L shaped stick a little longer than the condenser is wide.  Or I suppose it could be this.

I'm pretty sure that they had to pull it out to plug it in.  And then there's those pesky rules for B vent.

Well it is kinda heavy.

This furnace has been replaced by a wall furnace. It has been left in the attic because that's the cheapest way to go. The vent has been removed because it is easy to remove and they will probably try to use it. What they didn't do was seal the old roof jack so the rain is getting in. There is a puddle below the hole. It's not a big puddle and we did get a lot of rain last night and this morning.

Chris found this.  The job was a new house and it was a record for corrections. 

The customer asked me to rate his HVAC contractor. Which of course, I would never do. 

When I see stuff like this it can be difficult to not take it as an insult.  Perhaps that is a failing of mine.

There were eleven corrections.  One of which was, "1000 amp fuse is too large."  The customer happens to be a general contractor.  He stated that all of the corrections are minor in nature so he will not have a problem using the HVAC contractor in the future.  The HVAC contractor must be working cheap.