The inspection requested was for the footing.  There was no under-slab plumbing inspection and most of it is buried or wrapped with foam.  Here you see back to back toilets dumping into a san-tee with a 180 degree change of direction.

309.3 Burred Ends. Burred ends of pipe and tubing shall be reamed to the full bore of the pipe or tube, and chips shall be removed. 

The job was a el. service upgrade so I went looking for the water main.  The owner assures me that the main pipe is plastic and this is the shutoff valve.

If they glued the caps on all of the open pipe, there is no way to purge the air.

This started as a re-roof and progressed to a PV installation.  The laundry equipment was outside with no protection and I wrote a correction to move it/lose it.  They told me that they would put it in the garage.  I explained that planning dept. approval and permits would be required.  They did not do that.  Now they are asking for final inspection on a el. service upgrade and PV.  I can't approve an el. service that has this illegal equipment hooked up to it.  The Planning dept. said no because the garage is too close to the property line.

Anytime that a floor furnace has been removed and replaced with any other furnace you must inquire about the old valve that fed the floor furnace.  I have a collection of those because they were left in the gas system in the crawl space.  Now and then the old flex connector is still in the system as well.  That valve is sixty years old and relies on grease for a seal.

You've got to wonder if they used primer.  The code used to have rules for the tape.  40mil was required... with primer.  Field wrapping was prohibited.  1" wide was the maximum for wrapping around corners.  All tool marks and damage to the coating had to be wrapped.  It had to start before the riser and extend 6" above grade.  Some of that might still be in the code.  It's all in Tiger Code.

You just know that there will be corrections aplenty on this job.

This pile was pulled out of one job.  I bet that they don't make that mistake again.

I typically ask for a fitting to be removed.  I want to verify that the pipe has been reamed.  Five of the samples shown here had been reamed.  The others resulted in the work being done over.  Some were extensive.  I have witnessed many failures due to pipe that was not reamed.  It might take ten years but it will fail sooner or later.    

Almost immediately I sensed that there was something different about this place.

"Mommy, why does it smell funny in my bedroom?" "Mommy, I think Collin has been pooping in his closet again." Oh Collin, they're gonna remember that for a lifetime. If you hated those shoes that much, you should have said something.

Waste not, want not.  This was under the floor with CSST connected to the connector.

The house has been re-plumbed with Pex. This little bit of copper is new. The electric service is not the original equipment and I can't find where there was a water pipe bond or any grounding electrodes. The extra hole may have something to do with that.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to work.  The contractor claims that it was approved so it must be ok.  I don't have to know everything.  

An apartment building was repiped with the pipe on the outside.  You talk about awful...it was.  The worker lit the building on fire.  I was sent to inspect the fire damage.  It is not in my territory or even the same city so I only looked at the damage....but oh my gosh the plumbing work is atrocious.  The flux looks like green pancake batter.  The fittings appear to have been overheated.  Imagine five years from now when the insulation returns to the Earth.  It's little wonder that the worker torched the building.

This is enough to make me question everything that they did

I wrote a correction about the gas hard pipe swinging loose.  So they added plumber's tape.  

The coupling didn't look right to me so I asked that it be done over.  The contractor objected bitterly. 

Perhaps I should have asked questions but I was in another inspectors territory and I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.  I'm getting much better at doing that.