The shadow on the right is a 12,000 volt Edison wire.  That  wire is directly over the pool.  The pool shall be moved.  And look at all of the steel sticking up with no impalement protection.

The larger pipes in the lower level are suction drains. There is a requirement that when the pool is done the outlets shall be two outlets on the same suction line a minimum three feet apart. That is done to prevent a person from sitting on one outlet and blocking the other outlet. The worry is that a person can be disemboweled. So the contractor immediately stated that another inspector approved the setup before it was gunited. I asked him if he knew that it is wrong. He said yes..... Gunite is some hard stuff. But hey now, we don't send boys to do a man's job.

Bootleg addition with a broken window a foot from the pool.

Those are boulders are heavy.  To get a sense of scale the black pipe on the left is 3" diameter.  

There are no surcharge details on the plans. Apparently that costs extra. The fence is 4.5' away and the pole is 3.5'. And then there's that nasty damned Edison easement.       

This is the beginning of a liner pool.  In this case there will be a retaining wall.  There is no permit or plans for a retaining wall.

This kid was held on the bottom of a pool until the pump stopped.

The detail shows the X bars extending 2'6" past the Spring Line at the floor of the pool. As you can see in the picture, the X bars do not extend into the floor anything like the detail.

The pool contractor called the steel sub who assured me that he always does it like this. I didn't fall for that. He became upset. I had several other people chew me out today so I wasn't interested in what he had to say and said goodbye. I  called the engineer.

I explained the situation. Since there is almost no radius at the bottom, the contractor thinks that the Spring Line is the wall of the pool and he is 2'6" from the wall.

The engineer told me to follow the vertical Spring Line until I see another 2"6". That 2'6" is from the top of the bond beam to the horizontal Spring Line. The Spring Line is the point at which the arc commences. The arc shall not commence any further than 2'6" below the top of the bond beam. He said that the arc acts as a buttress. Without that buttress the pool must be re-engineered.

I didn't know that. If the steel had been a few feet longer, I would have approved the work.

This applies to raised bond beam applications and pools that are built as retaining walls and most likely just to this particular engineer's design. In other words, you can't use this information so forget that you ever saw this.

So if you can't use this, what's the point of telling you? Ask questions is the point. Ask lots of questions. The more questions that you ask, the more stuff you're going to find out.

They had the entire yard to pick from and decided to put the equipment in the one spot that is a code violation.

The plastic has displaced most of the gunite.

Something that I should point out in defense of the first inspector is that there is no steel in the bench, When we see it at pre-gunite it is just a bowl and we do not know what they will do in the spa. The inspector is not at fault.  The inspector didn't build it.  When things come out wrong, it is never the fault of the inspector.

Well they did some work and called for inspection. The correction asked for 36" separation. By the time they plaster and install the anti entrapment drain covers there will be 26" to 28". This needs more work.  I didn't get to see it done right because the contractor complained and I was replaced.  That happens a lot. 

There was a water fall before the hole was dug for the pool.

The mess is ready to fall and workmen have been under it without a thought to the danger.

Nobody knew what these pipes were for or who owned them.  The contractor's answer to the dilemma was to plug the pipe with expansion foam.  I recommended cutting the pipe several feet back from the pool shell and plugging the pipe with concrete.  The contractor complained and I was replaced so I don't know what was done.