Yes Rebecca, it's recessed.  So much so that the top cover will never come off and the door will never close.  Is it too  late to start over?

A guy with a hole saw is more like it.

And clamps on water pipes.

Then State give special privileges to the solar industry.  In return they are supposed to have a well rounded technician on site for the inspections.  A guy with a putty knife is not what I envisioned.

This is as far as the door will open

The main panel and this next sub-panel are from a previous remodel.  The feeder for this panel is fed by a 100 amp breaker with #2 conductors.  On the way to this panel the conductors drop in size to #6. 

Both panels lack an isolated neutral and the combinations of wire under the individual setscrews is wrong.  Breakers have multiple conductors and the arc arc fault in the top panel has three at a single terminal.  The addition has not enough arc fault protection.

Solar companies add ground rods.

There's no room for cable to come in from the rear because the cabinet is against drywall.  The bonding bushing for the GEC is missing.  Green wire is on a breaker.  

This is now recessed.  I was surface mounted over a hole in the wall.  The white discs are plastic knockout plugs

The door hits a fitting.  The door was notched to get it to open this far.

It stands to reason that the other end would be just as bad.

a The job is an addition of 2500 soft. wing.  It is three  bedrooms and bathrooms.  A sitting room, hallways and closets.  The house is worth in the millions.   I was there for the final inspection.  There is a sub-panel that serves the new wing.  The feeder originates at the main panel.  There is a 40 amp breaker at the main panel and the feeder is 10-4 nm.