This is no more than a couple of months old.

It is an aluminum patio cover with a service drop a few feet above.  The house is now attached to the garage.

One of the stranger patio covers I've come across.

Patio cover can't be attached to fascia....no matter how it's done.

The patio cover was built without a permit....long ago.

Had it not been attached in this fashion I would have not paid much attention to it.  The left side has an unsupported corner.

This inspection was for the footings.  The posts are being moved because the planning dept. cited them for being too close to the property line....not the leading edge of the patio cover....just the posts.

The guy on the left filed a complaint about the house on the right.  He is upset because the patio cover is built to the property line.  He is 62 years too late with his complaint.

The camera faces the neighbor.  The neighbor's daughter washes her car wearing a bikini.

Dueling should be legal.  It's quick, cheap and permanent.

I see dozens and dozens of patio covers.  I get on roofs and I see a lot of stuff.  They're have no interest for me. Well except for the unusual ones.  The aluminum covers are almost always put together by a contractor.  I don't recall having ever seen an aluminum styrofoam filled panel frame like this on a HO permit.  

The neighbors are going at it. This guy's offense is the lean-to. He is convinced that no permit is required because it has been there for 30 years. I pointed out that it looks much newer than that. He said that a tree fell on it four years ago. His insurance company paid a contractor $6000.00 to rebuild it.

This is the real offense and why the neighbor wants the lean-to gone.

There's something fishy about this.

This guy went for it.

The knee braces are installed with though bolts.....a bunch of them too.

That seems like an odd thing to do in this particular neighborhood.  The house next-door has two electric service drops and meters.

There's no stealth involved with the addition that joined the two houses.

Was alcohol involved?

Then they added this.....somebody complained.  I didn't get an explanation as to why this was added.  I told them to remove it and sit tight.  I didn't hear from the person that complained after that.

Patio covers are as simple to build as it gets.  Patio covers result in unnecessary angst. 

It looks good until you look closely.  I was on the property as the result of a solar inspection on the dwelling. 

That's right, it was a patio cover.

I guess that would not show up on the planning department's radar.