There is a support in the valley....at the bottom.  He claimed that the plans show the support right where it is.  The plans show the array 18" from the valley.  Now he demands a code section that prohibits the support from being in the valley.

This solar company has no shame.

The contractor complained to the office manager.  He stated that I don't know what I am doing.  I was replaced.

A major Solar Contractor has been doing this.

This is the first inspection.  The flashing is as wrong as can be. 

The correction said to install the flashing per the installation instructions.  I included the statement "shingle fashion".  They did this....to a new roof.

The crew was four men. They have a big company van. They have been installing solar systems for quite a long time. They didn't know anything about a WEEB ban. They didn't know anything about keeping the copper away from aluminum. We gave them a cut sheet that shows how to install Ilsco lugs....and they did this.       

When they are busy selling the customer on solar it's all about saving you money.   Look at the roof and tell me that they had your best interests at heart.

Having an example of the correct way to do it had no effect.

The first lug on the left is an Ilsco as it comes from the factory. It is a GBL-4DBT and is listed UL 2703. The installer didn't like the bolt that came with the lug so they drilled the hole large enough for a 1/4" bolt. Next, they replaced the set screw with a bolt. The threads are different so the bolt cut new threads as it was forced in.

Here is how it turned out. Notice that the lug is mounted over a channel. That was done in an effort to keep the lug as low as possible for holding the copper wire away from the aluminum. There's not more than 30 done this way.

The contractor on this job has complained to management.  Apparently he has been doing it this way for many years and I am the first inspector to question this.

The first hard winter will surprise lots of folks.

These flashing are not on the plans. The worker pointed that out several times along with the statement that "Since they are not on the plans, they can't possibly be installed incorrectly".

There's a spot on this roof that's missing some shingle.