I have encountered several re-roof jobs that had solar. Here is the first one. I didn't know that there was solar until I showed up for the sheathing inspection. The roofer told me that he was going to put it back together himself. He said that he has done it before. He assured me that the panels were safe and dead because they were unplugged. I told him to send a solar, C-10 or B licensed contractor to pull a permit to replace the solar.

The roofer complained to the office manager...I was ordered to let the roofer replace the solar without a permit or inspection. The reason given was that our dept. lacked a written policy that deals with solar and re-roofing. That was Jan. 2014. We now have a written policy; a C-46, C-10 or B licensed contractor has to obtain a permit to reinstall the solar.


They said that the wires are dead. I asked them how they know that. They said that none of the receptacles work.

After.  It looks like a rave was held on the roof.

It has been a few days since it rained.   The outline of the stain shows how much water was sitting at the outset.

They called this a cricket.  I called it thee outline of where there will be a cricket.