The roofer says that he didn't turn the drop loose.  I believe him.

They were not aware of their options.

That'll happen when it's over-spanned.

​My employer paid for one of those boots

The service drop should be attached to the insulators.

They started hacking the beam and then got nervous.

A Klingon family lives here.

I'm surprised they didn't say, "What condenser?  Heckle do you see a condenser?  No Jeckle I don't see a condenser".  

What they did say was, "It is an existing installation so no permit is required".

There is always a lot of surprise when a roof fails.

It was 11:30 on a Friday and they were a long way from ready for inspection.  There was a crew of five men and they wanted to roof the house over the weekend.

The contractor says that the HO supplied the material and the HO can't afford to buy it twice. 

It was destined to look strange

The contractor cussed at me over the phone because he wasn't getting an inspection time that suited him. Unfortunately, this valley is cut from the wrong side so I will have to deal with him some more.

This guy ran out of options.

There's a reason why workman's comp insurance for roofing contractors is so expensive.

When I saw this I made it clear to them that it wil not pass inspection.

Seeing this gave me the confidence that they would not cut any corners.  So I approved the sheathing, as is.

Radiant barrier is great stuff, unless you want to paint it.

Just Like I didn't say that the tear-off crew threw away the rest of this. What I did say was, "This needs to be fixed".

This is not an optical illusion.  The entire roof structure had to be removed and done over.  And yes it was done by a contractor.

A lady called to complain that a new roof went on her house and the painting contractor has refused to paint the overhang because there is rotten wood. She want's to know why I would approve such a thing. I said, "Whooo Me?"

The re-roof permit was taken out by the owner. The neighbor didn't have a clue about the energized service drop laying on their roof and the owner of the house being roofed wasn't there. I called Edison and they said they would be right over.  When I told the neighbor about it, she wasn't upset until I told her to stay away from the plumbing in her house.       

Silly boys didn't believe me.

The inspection was for roof sheathing.  They got a head start.  They denied roofing the garage.  What I don't get is why did they bother with a permit.  Knowing that the garage has been converted and not knowing how to install roofing should have caused them to work after 4:30 pm and leave me out of it.

The house isn't large but there is a lot of ridge.  

"But we didn't do that". I heard you the first time. I didn't say that you did it. What I said was, "This needs to be fixed".