Just look at that lath.  What an expensive thing to waste.

Consistency is important on any project.

This mess is 12 years old and still going.

Chances are these people will never request any inspections.  I do wonder what it looks like on the inside.  Water must be getting to the electrical on the exterior walls so a fire might happen in the next few years.

                                                             In case you were wondering, I have no control over this.​

Then the owner came to the realization that the wood was shot.

There's something going on with the electric service too.

Well it's getting closer.  I haven't been inside in years but I am told that it hasn't changed from the sticks. 

Now there's a neighborhood with no rules.

The point of the last 13 pictures is to reinforce the premise that this is America and the citizens have rights....one of which is to have a negative impact on you neighbors.

There's another yahoo building a two story huge house.  He shades his neighbor in a subdivision of single story ranch style dwellings.  It is a nice neighborhood.  Well the construction has taken many years....maybe eight years.  The guy next door has been complaining for all of those years.  He is so tired of the weekend saws and a monster house....did I mention that there is a crawl space between the first and second floor...six foot headroom and not shown on the plans.

​I have been the one to answer the phone on at least five of his calls.  Remember this has been going on for eight years.  The last time he called I told him that he had the wrong number.  Incredulously he asked if this was the building department.  I said, "Yes Sir and it is the wrong number, the reason being that in all of these years we have not helped you".

I have told that story to management people as a way of offering them advice.  They have seen it in a different light and recoiled at the notion that I would tell a citizen the truth.  Oh my if they only knew the truth.

This lasted for ten years.  

The house and garage have been in this stage of construction for many years.  Yet somehow solar landed on the roof.  Now that must be a breakdown of the rules.  But perhaps not.  The State of California has declared that a solar project can't be impeded for such things as expired permits or code enforcement actions as long as the structure that the panels will be placed on is legal.  In this case the solar is on the garage.  There is an expired permit for the habitable space over the garage.  Apparently that makes this okay.  

I was sent to perform a framing inspection.