The table is there to pen the dogs.

People actually take the time to call my office and complain because I do not shake hands.

Oh what a mess this turned out to be.

I hope that he doesn't notice the patio cover.

Safety did not improve as time went on.

Maybe they couldn't afford to chip in.

Some people shouldn't have dogs.  Some people are wondering about the refrigerator. Well that's not illegal.  A washing machine or dryer....they would be illegal because we have codes for them.  If you want to risk killing with a refrigerator that's up to you.

The guy with the SUV filed a complaint that the guy with the race car built a carport right up to the property line.  Well he is fifty years too late with the complaint.  There's one just like it across the street and a dozen more in that tract.

Well it's a cabinet shop!

Much of it is held up by pipe that is not bolted to the slab

The fire Dept didn't mention this.

The business is woodworking.  The Fire Dept. asked me to have a look after a spray booth fire.  There is about 4000 sq.ft. of tent.  It is at the back of a 12000 sq.ft. building.

The business owner also owns the building.  He has an accent that I can't identify and it is hard to understand what he says.  I do know that he complained to my supervisors that I was discriminating against him because he is an immigrant. 

Waste not....want not.

The construction of an addition had begun without a permit.  Re-bar sticking out of the ground is a particular gruesome habit.

It is held together by friction....I bet that they didn't use more than a hundred nails in the entire structure.  If a few key elements were removed the whole thing could collapse.