The reasons to utilize trenchless has to do with not wanting to disturb the yard or driveway.  Considering the cost compared to a conventional sewer replacement this particular job made no sense.

This is another victim he lost $18,500.00 and his dignity.  He was 92.  They took his last dollar.

As soon as you meet him you realize that he is vulnerable.  The next invoice was the beginning of the crime.  He was charged $2,800.00 to clear the main line.  He is so obviosly not with it that they wrote a statement that he can sign for things without permission from someone that would be watching out for thieves.

The crooks that do this haven't a clue as to what they are doing to thier future.  I have tried to enlist the help of the authorities but I am told that there is nothing that they can do about it.  It's called free enterprise.

This is the victim.  He was 84 years old at that time.  His son found out too late and he wasnt happy about getting ripped off.  Note the condition of his home and ask yourself if cutting the driveway and spending $3,000.00 on an ABS sewer would not have been fine.

Many unscrupulous individuals use it to steal.  The job associated with this invoice was 30' under a busted up driveway.