I like planters....just not next to the building.  I see this mistake often.

I drove 35 miles to 13 job sites. Nothing out of the ordinary and only wrote 48 corrections. Then on my way back to the office, I spotted an extension ladder sticking out of the ground. I could only see a few inches of the ladder because it was behind a lumber stack. Right away I thought: Well I better have a look and I might get a picture out of this because there's bound to be some scary thing happening. They are looking for the sewer lateral. The hole is 5'x7' at the top and 9' deep. There is a tunnel that extends 5'. They were digging another hole 15' from this hole and if they didn't find it there, the plan was to connect the holes with the tunnel. They are convinced that the lateral is around eight feet deep so the tunnel at 7' to 9' deep should intersect the lateral. The soil is sandy silt and they dug it all with shovels. An angel must have said: Would somebody go get a Tiger.

I issued a stop work order and told them to cover the hole.  The contractor went to the office and complained about me.  The usual stuff like I was rude and we want a new inspector.  The assistant office manager called me and said that the hole is an OSHA violation and we do not enforce OSHA regulations except as it pertains to us personally.  So I was told to stay away from the hole. 

I made it clear that there were young Hispanic men digging tunnels with buckets and a hand scoop.   I was ordered to not call OSHA and leave the contractor alone.  OSHA doesn't answer the phone on Fridays. The contractor didn't know that.

Now there's a reason to wear a hard hat.  Right after hitting the ground ten pounds of metal is coming straight at you.

We didn't get to the end of the rot but we did get to the end of the line.  My office manager decided that this is not the responsibility of the Building Department and I have overstepped my authority.  It has been a few months since I was there last.  I'll try to swing by and see what's up.

Disposable bollards.

Months later the soffit has been removed to expose the damage.

You just know that a contractor built this.

The scaffold is held together with baling wire but they are well prepared for a fire.

There was a bunch of women working in the offices.  They were upset by the bulldozer's noise and the exhaust fumes made them sick.  A lady asked me if it was an OSHA violation.  I didn't know for sure but I figured it must be so I shut them down while people were working in the building.  I had no authority to do that.  The smell was making me sick.  The work was completed at night.

The lag bolts secure the guardrail....well they used to before the board rotted away.

Just a guess but I don't think that science is taught at that school.

This is the other side of the house.  That's the garage in the background.  There is an illegal carport blocking the driveway.  The extended overhang and the service mast shall be fixed.  Did I mention the swimming pool?  Well the gate has issues.   The carport is the nicest thing on the property,  It would be a shame to make it go away too.  So I won't.  

This tunnel is 12' long and 4' deep.   I asked the jefe if he worried about a cave-in and he said that they tied a rope around the kids waist....you know, just in case.  I was more than just a little perturbed.  I asked him what the plan was to get the dirt back into the tunnel and he said, "The same way that we got it out".  That didn't happen. 

A closer look at the scaffold convinced me that there's a better way to do this inspection.

It took four visits to the manager to get this far.

Add a month and they have followed the rot around the corner.

A complaint was filed by an apartment tenant.  She is concerned about the landing.  Me too.


From my drivers seat.  Got camera?

Antennas were installed on the cell tower.  I was sent to inspect the work.  It's a long walk down a muddy hillside and a tall climb up the scaffold.

I asked for an engineer to design the fix.