This is a bug's foot.  This is all the proof that I need to know that there was a God behind our creation.  Timothy Leary couldn't have done a better job of it.

What was an overhang is now a porch.  There is no permit.  Whenever I have spoken to the owner he screams at me.  Loud and persistent.  I asked the office to flag the property as having non-permitted construction.  That has had no effect in that since then there are permits for solar, HVAC etc.  Oh well, anybody buying the place is sure to notice the exacting workmanship.

I forgot to feed the cat....for a while....maybe I'm just not a cat person.

Do you remember the seal that snatched the little girl off the dock?  These creatures are the wolves of the ocean.

I used to dive.  I have been in the ball of little fish.  You can't see more than inches and no matter how hard you try, you can't grab any of the fish. 

It looks like there was a struggle.

Look at that little bug under the Mantis.   He is wearing boots.

It looks fresh but somehow it doesn't make me all that hungry.

The building department provide this for the inspectors.

The ever popular imitation dead palm tree.

That penguin just looks like lunch doesn't it.  The little girl would have been a whole damned dinner.

There's a pool in the background and this family is all boys.

It is a new two story house.  The lag bolts wrap around the entire building.  It is a clue that perhaps they don't know what they are doing.  They insisted that another inspector required the lag bolts.

It looks like it landed right there.A friend of mine had a grandfather that owned a plane.  They would fly to Mexico and load up with lobsters.  I wonder if we can still smuggle lobsters.

Okay, Okay...Here's the plan.  We'll put the pump motor in a hole and toss in a ground rod.....you know just in case there's a leak.

Chris do you remember this.  We were at the Presidents golf course and they wouldn't let us in the building.  

One way to keep people from parking in front of your house.

I was sent to perform a final inspection.