I can't see the valve and I hate sticking my hand into the unknown. The camera will go there for me.  The handle hits the wall so I'm not positive that it shuts off the gas.

That's not why the kit contains two straps.

The strap kit comes with a pillow block that should be between the water heater and the wall.  The tank must be cinched tight or it will get motion during an earthquake.  If it gets motion, it can bang around until it is loose.

A remote control is supposed to be remote. 

Perhaps even in the house.

It is difficult to hit the hood with screws.  I've never understood why, in all these years a draft hood manufacturer wouldn't one day wonder if they couldn't do better.

When this is completed the water heater will be hidden in a kitchen cabinet. The contractor elevated the water heater because he thinks that is a code requirement and didn't install a smitty pan because he thinks that's an option.

The vent pops out and is not % ft. above the draft hood.  So look at the keyboard and find the % key and that's how many % it is.  Oh did I mention a bollard....ya it's in a garage....now you did it...go see planning.

It might be a hard sell with this one.  I was there for a solar and el. service upgrade.  Trouble is that there is just so much wrong with it.  I'm willing to overlook a lot but the vent runs upside down and it's a stubby flex vent.   

When I told him that single wall vent has to be 6" away from combustibles he said that he has never heard that before. I said "Today is a day for first times. Yes sir it's the first time I have seen a Watts 210 outdoors and it's the first time that you have installed a water heater"

Just one way to complicate a water heater inspection.

The inside of a tankless water heater.  That's some serious computing power.

There's a lot going on with this one.

Hold on while I get my tape measure....this could be a little too close to the property line.

That day I met a workman and his 12 year old son. I wrote a bunch of corrections. It was difficult because I felt sorry for the son what with him witnessing his father's failure. Today was the next inspection. Well actually it's the third time for him and the second for me. On his second inspection he gave us the wrong address. It might be a dyslectic issue because the numbers were mostly reversed. As it turned out we had a permit for that address too. So I went there instead...late in the day. Of course they had no clue as to why I was there. Our inspection request slip had a name and number on it. Jose was his name. And wouldn't you know it, the guy doing the job at the wrong address is named Jose....I mean what are the odds. 

Today I met the father and son. I'm thankful that I never had to witness my father be embarrassed. There came a point that I wanted to tell the kid to go wait in the truck, but of course I couldn't do that.

​​Some knucklehead man put this laundry equipment outside.  Some woman might suffer for it.

I'm not sure what that is.  It is spring loaded.

It is fifty feet from the house and a foot away from a property line.  The house has lots of trees all around it and the owner is concerned that the flue gasses will have an adverse impact if the water heater is mounted to the house.  It's too bad about that property line.  The Planning Dept. wants it moved five feet from the PL.    

Unless I am inspecting the water heater I generally don't have much to say.  Most of the pictures above were taken from afar.  At service upgrades I get to see them.  This one will get the entire treatment.  It starts with the straps.  The T&P is not plumbed.  All the things that are wrong and the hot pipe is insulated.   

Where you place it matters.

The gas pipe is held up with plumber's tape.  I can see mangling the cold water pipe trying to operate the valve.  The vent runs downhill.  I'm not sure what the vent rating is but I see a paper label.  Did they screw the vent?  I can't tell without touching it....firmly.  No thanks so add three screws.  

I'm guessing that you did not know that Del Monte manufactures vents.

I have never seen a Watts 210 valve installed on a water heater that's outside. Do you allow two flex connectors? We don't. The connector is just that, an appliance connector so from the Watts to the control must be hard pipe. They also didn't install a pressure relief valve. 

"You ain't getting this one"

This guy had an Erector Set when he was a kid...and he never learned to be patient.

The handle hits the tank so I know it will not open fully.