The contractor blew in from Arizona. They rode a wave of government rebate monies for solar water heaters. They have a top notch front office. They have never passed an inspection the first time out because they have no plumbers/carpenters. The heating element is a tank on the roof that, when filled, weighs 650 pounds so there is always a purlin to be installed. They never do that part unless I make it a correction. About half the time, there is nothing to land a purlin brace on.

I don't know if the train ran out of gravy or they realized there's an easier path to riches but they quit taking out plumbing permits and have started taking out electrical permits....for PV. There must still be 40 permits for solar water heaters that have languished and I am but one office in SoCal.

The only one that I have inspected is a four module system that resulted in 12 corrections. It was bizarre. Nothing on the roof was grounded. I fear that they will get a workman killed.

Who installs a 1000 watt solar system? Did they get a bigger microwave?  But hey now, it's free money....wait a minute....it's not free at all....Hells bells, it's my money. 

The unit weight is 595 lbs. It says so right there on the plans....along with 4 new 2"x10" ceiling joists and three new rafter ties.

TA new water heater has been installed.  There is a new water heater on every job.  They never get a permit for the water heater.

The design shown in the drawing is distorted from the actual result.  The 2"x10" will mate to the rafters with a small area near the wall and not stretch out past the midpoint of the water heater as the plan shows.

They are not really plumbers.

Another cottage industry has sprung up. Solar water heating. It's all about the government rebates. These systems are not inexpensive. I have seen figures north of $12,000.00.  

They did this.